About the Springtide Collective

Springtide is an organization that was borne out of a frustration with conventional approaches to doing politics, and an understanding of how challenging it can be for anyone trying to do politics differently. 


We imagine a world where the people who seek political power and influence are smart, empathic and effective stewards of the public good. 

Specifically they are: 

  • LEADERS THAT LEARN: Collaborative, big picture thinkers, and lifelong learners.
  • DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE: As diverse as the people of Nova Scotia, committed to inclusion, and tackling the roots of systemic oppression. 
  • FULL of INTEGRITY: They have integrity and the courage to act on it.     

Springtide's Mission

Springtide builds educational programs and resources that support people who want to make public life more meaningful through their own participation in it. 

These programs help you lead political change from start to finish, while you bravely exercise your own integrity with a spirit of collectivism.

We Serve Learners 

Springtide exists to support anyone engaged in politics with a passion for learning. From grassroots organizers to future candidates, from politically curious to sitting elected officials, their political staff, campaign workers, volunteers, public servants and more. 

How we work 

Springtide offers regular open-enrolment workshops on a range of topics, and create publicly available digital learning resources like podcastsanimated videos and infographics

Springtide staff and our network of professional faculty and contractors also provides a range of services to clients and partners in non-profit and government departments and agencies across Canada.  

We're often asked... why the name Springtide? 

A Springtide is a set of extreme tides, the most extreme tides in the lunar cycle. At high tide, rising waters reach points usually untouched by ocean waves – sometimes powerful enough to move boulders and things previously undisturbed by normal high tides. At low tide, a springtide exposes elements that are usually covered up. The role springtide's play in the coastal ecosystem is the role we envision our organization playing in the political ecosystem.


For the detail oriented 

Springtide is a registered charity, non-profit and non-partisan organization.